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Little Lady B Monastrell-Merlot 2021

Little Lady B Monastrell-Merlot 2021

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Little Lady B Monastrell-Merlot blend is made of 60% Monastrell and 40% Merlot crafted in the Murcia region of Spain, known as the home of Monastrell. Spanish Monastrell is crafted with Mourvedre grapes (the second most popular grapes in Spain after Tempranillo), which impart complex flavors of dark fruits, like cherries, blueberries and a bit of plum, balanced with earthy notes like leather, vanilla and licorice. Brighter fruit notes are imparted by the Merlot blend. The palate is bursting with notes of cherries, both dried red cherries and fresh black cherries. The wine is fruit-forward with a balanced palate and good structure. We recommend pairing with non-white fish, like salmon or roasted chicken and pork.

ABV 15%

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