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Montepalacio Tempranillo 1L

Montepalacio Tempranillo 1L

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Montepalacio Tempranillo 1L 2022 is a tribute to the revered Spanish red grape, Tempranillo, celebrated for its rich tradition and vibrant character. Crafted exclusively from 100% Tempranillo, this youthful, unoaked rendition captures the essence of the varietal in its purest form. Aromas of fresh cherry and red berries entice the senses, while the palate delights with classic softness, silkiness, and savory undertones. Subtle hints of sweet fruit, gentle acidity, and nuanced tannins contribute to its overall balance and complexity.

Versatile and vibrant, this wine is the perfect accompaniment to spicy barbecue and Mexican cuisine, enhancing every dining experience with its lively flavors and dynamic personality.


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