• Mundus White Blend


Mundus White Blend

For such a small country - only about the same overall size as Maine, or Indiana - Portugal offers so much: history, culture, food, wine (not the least of which, with Port, is one of the world's most famous single beverages).  The people are warm, generous, hardworking, and globally aware, with strong senses of both pride and humor about their place on the planet.  How fortunate we are to have the chance to know them and their country through an industry that has really been surging in quality in recent years, as their reputation for making noble Port now extends to exceptional everyday whites and reds.
With a few exceptions, most of the grapes used in Portuguese wines are relatively unknown to the American wine drinker, and many were originally planted to be used in making port, or are a clone of one that was.  It is home to hundreds of native grapes, and almost all bottled wines are blends of two or more.  Both Vital and Seara Nova are traditional white grapes used in the area to the north and west of the capitol city of Lisbon, previously called Estremadura, a long and thin region that runs along the Atlantic. ​
Mundus branco (white) is a blend of Vital and Seara Nova, fermented in stainless steel with no oak.  Straw-yellow in color, it has aromas and flavors of tropical fruit and citrus, but with a well-balanced dryness and acidity.  As a result it is at once fresh and full of character, the perfect companion for a classic seafood dish from the Portuguese coast: a simple mixed fish grill with seasonal vegetables, or bacalhau a bras (salted cod with onions, potatoes and eggs, sauteed - it's unforgettable!).
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