• Most Expensive Case

Most Expensive Case

Regular Retail Price: $599
Member Price: $175 
Just $11.67 Per Bottle!

If you were to head to your local supermarket, the wine you would get for $12 a bottle would probably be OK, but certainly nothing special and some would even consider them to be "cheap." But at Splash we do it differently! This pack features some of our finest red wines--they are truly sensational--and with our pricing promise you pay just $11.67 per bottle. That is the Splash Wines difference.

Featuring the wines of Empyrean again!

See Wines Included

Wines Included

  • Chateau Cazvevielle Origine
    2 Bottles
  • Winery of Good Hope Mountainside Shiraz
    2 bottles
  • Vinum Cabernet
    2 Bottles
  • 2006 Empryean Cygnus Syrah
    2 Bottles
  • 2006 Empyrean Eridanus Claret
    2 Bottles
  • Roza Ridge Petit Verdot 2011
    2 Bottles
  • Chateau les Tuileries Bordeaux
    2 Bottles
  • Empyrean Lyra Oregon Pinot Noir
    1 Bottle