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Radford Dale Syrah 2022

Radford Dale Syrah 2022

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Embark on a journey through the captivating landscapes of South Africa's Helderberg region with Radford Dale Syrah, a testament to the synergy between terroir, varietal expression, and the artistry of winemaker Alex Dale. Over countless vintages, Syrah has flourished in these soils, yielding wines of unparalleled elegance, depth, and restraint. With vine maturity enhancing the wine's complexity, each sip reveals a symphony of flavors. The nose is captivated with oriental spice aromas intertwined with layers of dark fruit. On the palate, fine black pepper and soy sauce notes intertwine with a luscious dark fruit core, while a grainy texture adds grip, leading to a refreshingly vibrant finish.

For a culinary pairing that echoes the wine's sophistication, indulge in savory dishes such as grilled lamb loin with rosemary-infused jus or a decadent wild mushroom risotto, allowing the wine's nuances to shine alongside each exquisite bite.


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