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Radford Dale Syrah-Grenache-Cinsault 2017

Radford Dale Syrah-Grenache-Cinsault 2017

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Alex Dale is the winemaker behind Radford Dale, a winery which just won South Africa’s highest wine honor, Platter’s Wine of the Year for another one of their amazing wines. Alex himself has an interesting story. He isn’t from South Africa originally. Instead, he was born in England and actually got his wine education in France (Burgundy to be specific). However, he fell in love with South Africa and vowed to make wine there, once apartheid fell. Upon the election of Nelson Mandela, Alex uprooted his life, resettled in South Africa and devoted himself to making incredible wine there.

This is a mission he’s been wildly successful with. Radford Dale is his super-premium label and the quality of these wines is truly stunning.

An eclectic blend, the wine features a mix of Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault, all classic grapes of the French Rhone Valley. While the blend is somewhat unusual, it melds together in delicious harmony. A vivid purple color, this wine screams vivaciousness. It has enticing notes of berry, spices, earth, lavender and a little licorice. This complex and delicious wine is a great pair for mushroom dishes and pepper sauces.

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