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Ragtag Wine Co Albarino 2020

Ragtag Wine Co Albarino 2020

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Ragtag Wine Co Albariño is a delightful representation of the varietal, showcasing the essence of its origin with finesse. With a pale straw color, this wine entices with aromas of vibrant citrus fruits, such as lemon and grapefruit, intertwined with hints of tropical pineapple and delicate floral notes. On the palate, indulge in flavors of zesty lime, juicy peach, and a touch of saline minerality, all balanced by a refreshing acidity. The wine's crisp and clean finish leaves a lingering impression, inviting another sip.

Pair light and airy Albariño with grilled seafood dishes like lemon herb shrimp skewers or pan-seared scallops with mango salsa for a culinary experience that perfectly complements its bright and lively profile.


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