• Red Wine Lover's Paradise 15 bottle case

Red Wine Lover's Paradise

Splash Price: $118
Retail Price: $225

A famous song once said something about taking 2 tickets to paradise. Why take 2 when you can have 15? That was our rationale when coming up with this version of Red Wine Lover's Paradise. 15 unique bottles from Cabernet to Pinot Noir and everything in between, including the fantastic Empyrean Eridanus Claret. Each bottle is its own ticket to Paradise so why not hop aboard right now? 

Key Points:

  • Most orders ship the next business day.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Offer code REDLOVE

**In order to be able to ensure that we are able to quickly manage out-of-stocks on specific wines during these uncertain times, we are currently suspending the "wines included" overview for this offer.
On that basis, while we are unable to guarantee specific wines in the pack, we promise that any substitutions will be of equal or greater value than the wines originally designated for this pack.
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