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Rick Boyer Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 2021

Rick Boyer Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 2021

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With over 25 years of vineyard expertise in California's Central Coast and Monterey region, Rick Boyer is a seasoned winemaker renowned for crafting exceptional wines. Savour the captivating aromas of freshly picked raspberries, a hint of cherry, and a subtle earthy touch, reminiscent of a bustling farmer's market. This vibrant Pinot Noir delivers juicy sips of ripe cherry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors, underscored by a nuanced toasty oak spice.

For a vegan-friendly option, pair it with grilled portobello mushrooms marinated in balsamic vinegar and herbs, enhancing its fruity richness and adding depth to your dining experience. Alternatively, indulge in grilled duck breast served with a raspberry balsamic reduction to complement the wine's fruity richness with a touch of sophistication.


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