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Sayanca Malbec 2023*

Sayanca Malbec 2023*

This sensational Malbec is from Argentina and is dubbed “Lord of the Andes Mountains”. This has two meanings. First off, Sayanca was the last name of an old “cacique”, a name given to leaders of the indigenous people of Argentina by the Spaniards during the age of colonization. This particular cacique, Huanacache Sayanca, was and is legendary for his love and devotion to the land around modern day Mendoza. This wine is also a proud product of the Andes Mountains around Mendoza and this stunning wineis made in the honor of the Lord of the Andes Mountains.

This Malbec is a stunning example of Argentinian Malbec with flavors of blackberry and plum, fresh and balanced with perfect acidity. This Malbec is a perfect pairing for a bright dish with chimichurri, perhaps a skillfully grilled steak.


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