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Spit-Faced Cabernet 2022

Spit-Faced Cabernet 2022

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Located in the vibrant Central Valley, where the sun dances among the vines, this Cabernet offers more than just a sip—it's a lively flavor fiesta! With each sip, embark on a taste adventure: ripe cherries mingle with velvety tannins, while a hint of spice adds a zesty flair. The smooth finish is akin to a secret agent's grand exit.

What sets this wine apart isn't just its taste, but also its label—a proud llama, the unofficial mascot of this vinous journey. Why a llama, you ask? Well, why not? This quirky creature adds charm and mystery to your wine experience, transforming it into a llama-led escapade through Chilean vineyards.

Pair this vibrant Cabernet with hearty dishes like Chili Con Carne, Grilled Burger, Hamburger, or Beef Stir Fry. Its robust character will complement the savory flavors of Saag Paneer, Beef Kebab, Mongolian Beef, or Beef Barbacoa. For a vegetarian option, try it with Black Bean Tacos or Cheeseburger. 


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