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The Ultimate Top Shelf Reds 18-Pack

The Ultimate Top Shelf Reds 18-Pack

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18 Different Top Shelf Reds, Delivered Just $8.99 Per Bottle!

When you say the words "top shelf", two things pop into your mind - really delicious wines with insanely high prices. Well, at Splash, half of that is true. We found some of our favorite wines from our top shelf. In fact, we've curated 18 different reds that are some of the finest in our collection. It includes favorites like Empyrean Eridanus, Love at First Splash Pinot Noir as well as new discoveries like Donama Malbec, Vistamonte Barbera and more. So we have the really delicious wine part down - what we don't have are the crazy high prices. Instead, you get these wines, which retail for up to $50 per bottle, delivered to your door for just $8.99 per bottle + FREE Shipping.

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