Hot Summer, Cold Hard Cash 18-Pack

18 Bottles, Starting at $109.99 + FREE Shipping

*Plus, 1 in Every 100 Orders Will Receive $1,000 Splash Cash Back!*

Base 18-Pack
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $6.11/Bottle

Vineyard Upgrade
Choose PET or Glass Starting at $7.22/Bottle

UPGRADE: Hot Summer, Cold Hard Cash Vineyard 18-Pack!
W/ PET BottlesGlass Only

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This Hot Summer Deserves Some Wine and Some Cold Hard Cash! Get 18 Vineyard-Level Bottles Starting at $129.99 with Free Shipping! As a Bonus, 1 in Every 100 Orders will get $1,000 Splash Cash BACK!

In the heat of summer, sometimes nothing hits quite like a lovely crisp, and refreshing bottle of white wine. But sometimes, all you need is a robust red to pair with a grilled steak right off the BBQ. We've curated this case to feature 18 vineyard-level bottles of wine to keep every wine lover prepared this summer! Of course, it's not a real Splash Wines deal if there isn't something else involved for our customers! This hot summer also deserves some cold hard cash, right? As a bonus, 1 in every 100 orders will get $1,000 Splash Cash back!! For your chance to win, get your 18 bottles starting at $129.99 delivered to your door! Good luck!

For $129.99 you'll receive a case featuring 2 different PET bottles but for just $10.00 more you can choose a case that has only glass-bottled wines in it. The choice is yours!


Retail Value: $350

Superstar Upgrade

Just $8.33/Bottle

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Wine is famous for its high markup, in excess of 60%. At Splash, we deliver wine to your door at a maximum of 15% above our cost. No one else does that.


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