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Arnica Blaufrankisch

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It’s time to expand your palate and try a wine you might not be familiar with. From the eastern corner of Austria, Arnica Blaufrankisch is a delicious red wine that is sure to please and surprise. While Austria is predominantly known for its white wines, over 1/3 of the country’s vineyards produce red varietals. Warm, sunny days are balanced by cool nights - developing fresh, aromatic wines with full-body and unique character. This Blaufrankisch is a perfect example of what this climate brings to a wine. Notes of red cherry and cedar lead to a lush palate with a velvety finish. Austrian reds definitely fit today’s trends of reds that are food-friendly (drink with meals that are classic red pairings, like beef, game and hearty fare), with a lot of the wine’s power coming from the nose with a body that is velvety with a firmer structure.