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Atardecer Malbec-Cabernet 2019

Atardecer Malbec-Cabernet 2019

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Atardecer Malbec-Cabernet embodies the essence of Argentina's winemaking prowess, marrying the bold flavors of Malbec with the structured elegance of Cabernet. This harmonious fusion offers a sensory journey that captivates from the first sip. With an inviting aroma of ripe blackberries and plums, intertwined with subtle hints of cedar and spice, each glass unveils layers of complexity. On the palate, rich dark fruit flavors mingle with velvety tannins, leading to a satisfyingly long finish.

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with hearty dishes such as grilled ribeye steak or mushroom risotto, Atardecer Malbec-Cabernet is a versatile companion that pays homage to Argentina's rich winemaking heritage.


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