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Bain's Way Chardonnay

Bain's Way Chardonnay

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Bain's Way Chard visual summary

If Stellenbosch is South Africa’s equivalent of Napa, then Wellington might just be the country’s Sonoma. A little less well-known and a little further behind in the development of wine tourism but producing absolutely amazing wines that are making huge splashes on the world stage, especially when you take value into account. It is in this region of South Africa that the wines of Bain’s Way are made.

The wines of Bain’s Way express the natural characteristics of the region in excellent fashion and it a great representation of the wines from the region. This makes sense because the winery has over a century of experience making wines in Wellington!

As Chardonnays go, the Bain’s Way rests more towards the Old World French side of the spectrum: unoaked and fresh. Notes of bright citrus lead on the palate and refreshing acidity follow on the finish that gives this wine a truly fresh feel that is without any hint of oak or woodiness.

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