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Bla Bla Bla White Blend 2018

Bla Bla Bla White Blend 2018

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Terra de Falanis was the name used by the local historian, Miquel Barceló in the title of a book from 1995 to describe the town centre and the people before the actual existence of the town of Felanitx.

Felanitx is one of the most important viticultural areas on the east coast of Mallorca and all of the country. This incited a sentimental nostalgia amongst the winemakers of the Terra de Falanis winery and the desire to promote the essence and unconditional simplicity of yesteryear. The Project is, also, a way to exend the techniques and concepts learned in other regions away from Mallorca applying them further away from their natural boundaries, for example, discovering the potential of the DO Illes Balears from where this wine comes and the fantastic possibilities of other DO´s like Montsant, Calatayud or Costers del Segre.

This Project is founded on three pillars: Land, Climate & Vines. Maybe this is not big news! For us, the greatness is to recognise how & when to apply the processes of vinification in accordance with these three pillars – which is when you establish a new connection, comprehension & philosophy. Human intervention, from our point of view, should firstly pass an exhaustive continuous study of nature. With a focus on Mother nature, of humility and respect, only intervening when necessary, and in the best possible way. Only for the possibility to do this and transmit a message lke this to different people and cultures, it is well worth carrying out this Project called Terra de Falanis.

The Bla Bla Bla is a wine that is long on the palate. It is fresh, with balanced acidity and complexity. Bursting with fresh fruit, herbaceous with subtle tanis, easy to drink with good depth. Satin texture, fresh and creamy supported by natural acidity, dry yet soft with a delicious fruity finish.

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