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Buenos Aires Colleccion Vinotecca Cabernet

Buenos Aires Colleccion Vinotecca Cabernet

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Nestled in bustling Buenos Aires, our Cabernet vines absorb the city's cosmopolitan energy. Each grape captures the essence of eclectic neighborhoods and vibrant street life, offering a taste of the city's soul with every sip.

Vinotecca embodies a world where every bottle tells a story—a must-have for your wine collection! Experience a lively bouquet of blackcurrants, a hint of blackberries, and subtle cedar whispers reminiscent of street musicians in the distance. Take a journey through the barrios of dark cherries, savor spicy notes like street art, and let smooth tannins guide you through intricate flavor alleys.

Pair Vinotecca's Cabernet with grilled Argentine steak topped with chimichurri sauce for an authentic Buenos Aires dining experience. For vegetarians, substitute steak with grilled portobello mushrooms marinated in chimichurri sauce.


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