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Buy 4, Get 8 FREE: The Radford Dale Syrah 12-Pack

Buy 4, Get 8 FREE: The Radford Dale Syrah 12-Pack

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One of Our Most Popular Premium Wines On Sale!

When it comes to premium wines, we've sold more of the Radford Dale Syrah than just about any other wine in our collection, across multiple vintages. We can't even say that this is a surprise to us - after all, this wine was initially designed as an exclusive for Business Class on British Airways, one of the most elegant travel experiences in the world and when we got the opportunity to get the wine that met those rigorous standards, we jumped at it. It's a stunning wine that so many of our customers have fallen in love with but we've almost never made it the sole focus of an amazing deal. Today, that changes, with this insane offer - buy 4 bottles of Radford Dale Syrah at retail price ($29.95), you get 8 FREE! That means you get 12 bottles of sensational wine for  just $119.80 + FREE Shipping. You can't beat that!

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