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Captivation Red Blend 2014

Captivation Red Blend 2014

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There are a lot of fancy and big talking names in wine and there are a lot of wines that don’t live up to the hype. That’s why it was an extremely pleasant surprise when we were captivated by the Captivation Red. It stood out for many reasons. First and foremost, obviously, was the fact that it was absolutely delicious. However, it had several other notable facts which kept our attention.

Perhaps one of the most attention grabbing things is the blend of pristine California grapes involved in this wine. It is eccentric but it works. The blend includes traditional favorites like Merlot. However this Merlot is blended with Rubired, Barbera, and Ruby Cabernet. These lesser known grapes shine in this delicious wine.

This blend has fruit forward flavors of dark berry and cherry. These fruits blend seamlessly with notes of oak and lingering vanilla flavors. This wine is well balanced with smooth tannins. A blend like this can stand up to some pretty strong flavors, such as the classic pork chops with apple sauce or a baked salmon with Dijon mustard.

ABV: 13.2%
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