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Chateau Agnel Minervois

Chateau Agnel Minervois

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Found in the Southern part of the country, Minervois features Rhone grapes in their blends. For instance, the Chateau Agnel features Syrah and old-vine Grenache, two specialties of the region. Minervois has actually been in the shadows for a long time. It has Bordeaux and Burgundy, both getting all the renown. However, Minervois gained appellation status in 1985 and people have begun to recognize the delicious wines of the region.

This wine showcases something totally different from a Bordeaux, despite being a relatively short distance away. The Syrah and Grenache blend makes a wine with notes of red fruit and figs leading on the nose. The palate has both power (from the Syrah) but balance, as well, tempered by the maturity of the old-vine Grenache. All told, this is a luscious wine that is a great pair for hearty red meat dishes or some of the earthiness of a mushroom dish.

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