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Chateau LaForet Bordeaux

Chateau LaForet Bordeaux

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Just about every wine fan knows Bordeaux and for good reason. Bordeaux produces some of the most renowned wines anywhere in the world. However, there is another level that is lesser known. It is a special and coveted title of Bordeaux Superieur. It is a hard title to get, something that has even more stringent requirements of quality than even the lofty Bordeaux appellation. The Chateau Laforet has earned this coveted title.

You may normally think that a Bordeaux Superieur commands a hefty price and, generally, you’d be right. However, the thing that drew us to the Chateau Laforet, besides its outrageous flavor, is that it is one of the most incredible values we’ve come across, making it a perfect fit for our members. A luscious and classic blend of Merlot (70%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%), the Laforet is traditional Bordeaux magic done even better. Raspberry and plum flavors burst on the palate, balanced by a toasty oak flavor and an underlying spice. It is simply superb. Such a star wine deserves a pairing with some other star foods, like a rack of lamb (a French classic), a tri-tip steak or something simple, like some delicious Gruyere cheese on a toasted baguette.

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