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Clothesline Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Clothesline Sauvignon Blanc 2021

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Clothesline Sauvignon Blanc 2021 embodies the essence of California's coastal charm, offering a vibrant and refreshing sip that transports you to sun-drenched vineyards and carefree moments. With aromas reminiscent of a summer orchard in full bloom, this wine delights the senses with notes of citrus zest, green apple, and juicy stone fruits, accented by hints of tropical passionfruit and a subtle herbaceous undertone. Its crisp acidity balances the lively fruit flavors, leading to a refreshing finish that lingers on the palate.

Pair this Sauvignon Blanc with fresh seafood dishes like grilled shrimp skewers or lemony scallops to complement its vibrant acidity and citrusy notes, or enjoy it alongside a summer salad topped with goat cheese for a light and satisfying meal.


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