• Cochon D'Or Rouge 2019


Cochon D'Or Rouge 2019

“Le Cochon d’Or” translates from French to mean “the golden pig”. While an actual golden pig would be enticing, the namesakes of this wine are famous for their highly trained noses and ability to seek out the far more enticing culinary treasure of truffles. Snuffling through autumnal leaves, these humble hogs make the difference between unearthing worthless fungus and priceless black truffles. Le Cochon d’Or Rogue red blend wine doesn’t require the same adept nose to appreciate. A 50/50 blend of Grenache and Carignan, this wine exhibits the best attributes of each wine. With robust red and black fruit flavors and a peppery finish and earthy umami notes, we recommend pairing with roasted poultry and heavily spiced dishes (think cinnamon, five spice, cumin, thyme and so on…)

ABV 12.5%

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