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Creux de Chene Corbieres 2020

Creux de Chene Corbieres 2020

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Cuvee Creux du Chene from Corbieres is a captivating wine that showcases the unique terroir and craftsmanship of the region. The vineyard is located near Thézan-des-Corbières, facing the impressive Pinada limestone massif. The hilly terrain, composed of marl, sandstone, and limestone, contributes to the wine's character, while the hot and dry Mediterranean climate adds intensity to the grapes.

This wine is a blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache, combining their distinct qualities. On the nose, it greets you with an inviting bouquet of red fruits and spices. The palate reveals a beautiful velvety structure, where elegance and strength find a perfect balance. The dominant flavors are of black fruits, complemented by notes of toasty oak, cocoa, and vanilla.

Cuvee Creux du Chene is an excellent companion for red meat dishes and vegetable gratins. To fully enjoy its flavors, it is recommended to serve this wine at room temperature, around 18°C. With its well-structured profile and harmonious character, this wine has a aging potential of around 5 years.

Overall, Cuvee Creux du Chene captures the essence of the Corbieres region, offering a delightful expression of its unique terroir. From its straightforward and pleasing aromas to its velvety texture and complex flavors, this wine is a testament to the meticulous vine-growing practices and the winemaker's artistry.

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