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Donama Cabernet 2022

Donama Cabernet 2022

The Donama Cabernet, crafted by a cherished family-owned winery in Argentina, pays homage to their rich winemaking legacy spanning generations. Named after the esteemed patriarch, Don Amadeo Maranon, this wine reflects a labor of love and passion that has endured for nearly 70 years. A captivating hue of purple-red sets the stage for an enticing bouquet featuring notes of spice, red pepper, blackberry, and toasty vanilla from the oak. With soft, sweet tannins and a medium body, this well-rounded Cabernet is truly exceptional.

For a delightful culinary pairing, indulge in grilled ribeye steak with herb-infused butter. The wine's bold flavors and velvety texture complement the succulent meat, while its spicy and fruity notes elevate the dish's savory profile.


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