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French Chateaux 15-Pack

French Chateaux 15-Pack

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15 Bottles of Stunning French Chateaux - $129.95 + FREE Shipping

Includes Chateau Franc-Cardinal Bordeaux!

Estate wine making is some of the most artisan in the world and France does it as well as anyone (of course, the French will say they do it better than anywhere else!). We've curated a stunning selection of wine from different chateaux and domaines all throughout France, to showcase a simple astonishing assortment of boutique French wines. The selection obviously includes Chateau Franc-Cardinal but there are other amazing gems here as well, including a new wine from the Cabardes region, Chateau Cazaux. These wines retail for up to $40 per bottle but with this case, you get all 15 for just $129.95.

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