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Elun Chardonnay

Elun Chardonnay

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Chardonnay is among the grapes that can taste any variety of ways. Some are oaked and have strong wood and butter flavors. Others are made without any oak and they taste completely different. There are fans of both varieties but, if you are a fan of the latter, the Elun Chardonnay is for you.

This estate bottled Chardonnay is made completely unoaked. The goal of the Elun Chardonnay is to express the true flavors of the grape, one that tastes similar to as if you picked a grape off the vine and popped it into your mouth. Combine this refreshing flavor with the characteristics of the estate and you have a true winner of a wine.

Since there is no oak, the fresh fruit flavors take the lead and abound on the nose and the palate. The leading notes are of tropical fruit, primarily peach and pineapple. Balanced with crisp acidity, the wine is absolutely refreshing. To us, this is a brilliant cocktail wine or a great pair with appetizers or salads.

ABV: 13%

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