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Fighting Chance Pinot Noir 2017

Fighting Chance Pinot Noir 2017

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Fighting Chance Pinot Noir 2017 embodies the spirit of perseverance and passion in winemaking, hailing from California's renowned wine regions. This distinguished wine offers aromas of ripe cherries, cranberries, and subtle notes of vanilla, inviting you to savor its elegant bouquet. On the palate, delicate flavors of red currant, raspberry, and a hint of earthiness intertwine gracefully, supported by silky tannins and refreshing acidity. The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving a memorable impression of finesse and balance.

Pair this exceptional Pinot Noir with grilled salmon, roasted duck breast, or a wild mushroom risotto for a dining experience that perfectly complements its nuanced flavors and velvety texture.


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