• IT'S BACK: Five French Chateaux 15-Pack

IT'S BACK: Five French Chateaux 15-Pack

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These wines of the French chateau are all estate bottled, hand-picked and produced wines that are the backbone of the French wine culture. These amazing wines are exceptionally local, high quality and absolutely stunning. These 5 chateaux span the country and retail for up to $40 per bottle - today, you save over 73% off of retail when you get this amazing pack.
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Wines Included

  • Chateau Agnel Minervois - 3 Bottles
  • Chateau Franc-Cardinal - 3 Bottles
  • Chateau Cazevielle Origine - 3 Bottles
  • Domaine Paretlongue Cité de Carcassonne - 3 Bottles
  • Chateau Les Tuileries Bordeaux - 3 Bottles