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Florent Descombes Pinot Noir

Florent Descombes Pinot Noir

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France is widely considered the birthplace of Pinot Noir and is still considered one of the few regions that make Pinot Noir that lives up to its fullest potential. Florent Descombes has the Vin de France appellation, meaning the wine can contain blends from multiple regions. The winery uses this freedom and specialized attention to detail to create a Pinot Noir blend that highlights the best characteristics of the grapes from throughout France.

 This particular Pinot is a garnet color with a ruby red undertone. The nose is vibrant and aromatic, with notes of cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The fruit flavors are balanced out by notes of spicy quince in the nose and the palate. A well-rounded wine, the Pinot features nice and supple tannins with a rich vivaciousness that makes it truly stunning. A brilliant pair for white meats with sauce or simply grilled red meat. It's attractively juicy due to its acidity and perfumed aftertaste. Great for drinking now.

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