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Inti Chardonnay 2022

Inti Chardonnay 2022

 Chardonnay often doesn't get the credit it deserves. It truly is one of the most versatile white grapes in the wine world. It can be used to make oaky and buttery wines that have become especially beloved out of California. On the other side is full of crisp, bursting citrus flavors. France (Burgundy in particular) is renowned for this style of wine.

The reason Chardonnay doesn't get the credit for being so versatile is because of it also somewhat polarizing. Some people do not enjoy the buttery California Chardonnays but love the French style and vice versa. If you are a fan of that refreshing, natural fruit flavored French style, the Inti Chardonnay is right up your alley.

Chile has made its name in the wine world by taking classic French styles and giving them their own signature flavor profile. This Chardonnay is beautiful with bursting fresh citrus fruit flavors. A little herbaceousness (almost bell pepper like) underlies the palate and gives it the Chilean style. This fruit on this wine is very similar to taking a grape off the vine and tossing it into your mouth, which is the exact goal of the winery. Truly superb.

ABV: 13.5% - Vegan
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