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L’Envolee "Fly Away" Pinot Noir 2021

L’Envolee "Fly Away" Pinot Noir 2021

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Discover L'Envolée "Fly Away" Pinot Noir 2021, a delightful journey through the beautiful vineyards of France. This wine captures the essence of its terroir with finesse and charm, nestled in rolling hills and lush landscapes.

"L'Envolée," meaning "Fly Away," embodies the spirit of freedom and exploration. It invites you to experience the flavors and aromas of the French countryside, letting your senses soar with each sip.

Upon opening, enjoy aromas of ripe cherries, wild berries, fresh blackcurrant, and a hint of earthy spice, reminiscent of a stroll through a lush forest. With notes of cherry, red berries, and subtle hints of mint and smoke, this wine will leave you reaching for another glass.

The fruity and earthy character of this Pinot Noir wonderfully enhances the savory richness of roast duck, whether it's in the form of duck confit or roasted breast, creating a delightful dining experience. Additionally, this Pinot Noir pairs seamlessly with other dishes such as salmon, lamb chops, or barbecue pork ribs.


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