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La Combe Blanc

La Combe Blanc

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By and large, there is one thing more important to the average French winemaker than anything else: making a good tasting wine. They don’t care, like most Americans do, about exactly what grapes go in the wine. For example, there have been times that we’ve asked winemakers what grapes are in wine only to be told that they put in exactly what made the wine taste great. Grudgingly, they end up giving us the blend but all they care about is that the wine is the way that they (and you!) like it.

That is kind of what makes a table wine kind of like art. The perfect blend, the addition of a little bit of something can completely change the face of the wine. And there are few more adroit at creating outstanding blends than the French. It is one of the reasons it is tough to find a bad bottle of wine in France! However, La Combe Blanc is something special.

A beautiful yellow color, this wine actually even has glints of green in it. It leads with a powerful and aromatic nose of citrus. It is light and fresh on the palate, a beautifully refreshing wine. It is a great wine to have with salads or seafood.

ABV: 12%
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