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La Combe Rouge

La Combe Rouge

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“La Combe” means “the valley” in French but, to this wine, it means much more than that. In southern France, wine country often looks like sun-kissed mountainous valleys, rife with beautiful grape vines. These long and scenic sun-soaked slopes look picturesque but also provide an amazing home for these stunning grapes. It is these amazing grapes which go into making the wine of La Combe Rouge. Without “La Combe” there would be none of this delicious wine.

By and large, the American wine market is all about grape varietal, looking for pure Cabernet or Chardonnay or any other varietal. In many European countries, France in particular, the focus is often not on any particular varietal (or even strict proportions in a blend) but on the flavor. That is why the table wines of France, blended to the winemaker’s choosing, are so delicious and why it is truly hard to find a bad bottle of wine in France. However, when we tasted La Combe Rouge, we knew we had something special to share with you.

This wine makes a strong impression from the moment you open the bottle. With a strong and aromatic nose, this wine entices immediately. It has notes of red fruit with some spicy undertones and even a hint of licorice. A truly well-balanced wine. It has enough flavor to stand up to a powerful dish, like a beef filet with a sauce of Roquefort bleu cheese.

ABV: 12.5%
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