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Lost Eden Saperavi Blend 2018

Lost Eden Saperavi Blend 2018

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Georgia, known as the "Cradle of Wine," boasts a rich winemaking tradition dating back thousands of years, with the revered Saperavi grape at its heart. Savoring the 2018 Lost Eden Saperavi Blend is a journey through Georgia's time-honored winemaking culture, rooted in communal practices like "qvevri" winemaking. This ancient technique, using large clay vessels buried underground, imparts a distinct character to the wine, reflecting Georgia's dedication to preserving tradition.

With enchanting aromas of dark berries and ripe plums, reminiscent of bustling bazaars, each sip of this blend reveals layers of complexity—a harmony of black cherries, velvety cocoa, and hints of fragrant tobacco.

Pair this captivating wine with Georgian culinary delights, such as slow-cooked lamb, walnut-studded pomegranate sauces, or spiced meat pastries, to truly immerse yourself in the country's vibrant flavors and cultural heritage.


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