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Matt Iaconis Delta California Cabernet Franc 2020*

Matt Iaconis Delta California Cabernet Franc 2020*

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Founded by husband-and-wife duo Matt and Alexis Iaconis, Delta emerged as a collection of small-batch wines celebrating their favorite regions across California. This Cabernet Franc embodies the vineyard's rebel spirit – bold, fearless, and defying norms. Infused with the rugged charm of the Delta terroir, it epitomizes California's untamed essence.

Act quickly to secure a bottle of this limited-edition Cabernet Franc crafted by Matt and Alexis. Don't miss out on this rare, assertive red wine! With unmistakable aromas of dark berries and spice, embark on a flavor journey ahead. Indulge in layers of plum, raspberry, and ripe cherry, accompanied by barrel-aged spice notes and a lingering, elegant finish.

For a daring culinary experience, pair this wine with wild game like venison or duck. Its boldness beautifully complements the richness of game meats, offering an unexpected and delightful combination.


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