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Mecedora Syrah

Mecedora Syrah

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Wine is one of the truly exceptional artisan products in the world. And, with that in mind, it is a pretty big statement to say that Mecedora is the ultimate artisan wine but we have a lot to back that up. First off, Mecedora is exceptional on every level, from the outside in.

Starting on the outside, the bottle is extraordinary. Not only is it a heavy-duty, high quality bottle worthy of exceptional wine but it is even more than that. Instead of a traditional paper label, each bottle of Mecedora is hand-painted - you can feel the texture of the paint when you hold the bottle. It is unique (we've certainly never come upon a similar product in our experience) and beautifully artistic. These bottles are a wonder to behold. However, it doesn't end there.

Whats inside the bottle (and that's truly the most important thing) is equally stunning. From Chiles Maule Valley, the grapes for Mecedora are hand-picked and the wine is made with absolute and exacting standards to ensure the wine inside is absolutely delicious. Their Syrah is stunning - a deep ruby red in color. It has notes of blackberry marmalade on the nose. This fruit continues on the palate, balanced by spicy notes of vanilla and clove.  Big and beautiful, it is also well-balanced with a velvety finish. This fruity and spicy Syrah is a perfect pair for smoky food, fresh off the grill.

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ABV: 13.5%

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