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Mocho Velho Pardina 2022

Mocho Velho Pardina 2022

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From Extremadura, near the Spanish-Portuguese border, emerges Mocho Velho Pardina, also known as "Old Owl" white. This region, renowned for its diverse bird population, particularly raptors like owls, boasts vineyards characterized by minimal intervention. Comprising primarily 90% Pardina (Cayetana Blanca) and Jaen Blanco grapes, this wine presents a captivating lemon-gold hue, accompanied by a subtle aroma reminiscent of pear and fennel, and delightful flavors of citrus and melon.

With a medium-bodied profile and balanced acidity, Mocho Velho Pardina shines when served chilled, offering a perfect complement to sushi and sashimi—an unexpected and delightful pairing for such dishes!


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