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Mount Rozier Mtn Range Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Mount Rozier Mtn Range Sauvignon Blanc 2023

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Welcome to Mount Rozier Mountain Range Sauvignon Blanc 2023, a journey through South Africa's Coastal-Stellenbosch. Named after the towering peaks overlooking the vineyards, it embodies the region's rugged beauty. Whether enjoyed on a picnic or paired with seafood or spicy Thai cuisine, this wine promises delight. With aromas of fresh citrus and tropical fruits, and flavors of zesty lemon and pineapple, it's a refreshing adventure for your palate.

Pair it with fresh seafood dishes like grilled shrimp, seared scallops, or lemon herb salmon. The wine's crisp acidity and citrusy notes perfectly complement the delicate flavors of the seafood, creating a harmonious palate experience.


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