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Paisley Patch Cabernet

Paisley Patch Cabernet

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This wine models itself after the popular paisley pattern. At first glance, this may seem like an odd choice of inspiration for wine but it can actually make a ton of sense. From a distance, the paisley pattern forms a beautiful and harmonious design. However, if you look closely, the pattern is really a complex amalgamation that weave together to form the overall design.

This is the goal of these wines. Complex flavors that are layered into one harmonious wine. This Australian Cabernet exemplifies this goal brilliantly.

Big and bold, like an Aussie Cab should be, this wine combines flavors of cassis, black cherry and a toasted mocha. These flavors mesh beautifully with rich layers. This is a wine that can certainly become a household favorite, one to enjoy over and over again.

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