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Passatempo Vinho Verde White Blend

Passatempo Vinho Verde White Blend

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In Portuguese, “Pasatiempo” means past time and it is a word the conjures up leisurely images and fond memories. This wine is a perfect match for this concept. It is light, fruity and fresh, easy to drink every day. The goal of this wine is to become your past time, something easy to pop up and enjoy any night but good enough to always satisfy.

Vinho Verde is a style that is rising in popularity. Fairly light in alcohol (9%), the style is easy to drink and enjoy without being too heavy. Made with native Portuguese grapes, this is a long-held style that is found in Portugal but it is just becoming increasingly enjoyed here in the United States, with good reason.

This wine is beautiful, with nice citrus notes (the front label even highlights these notes!). As mentioned, it is light in alcohol, which makes it easy to drink. It has enough structure to pair with a variety of foods and it is easy to enjoy. Make this Vinho Verde your new Pasatiempo!

ABV: 9%
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