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Primaterra Chardonnay 2015

Primaterra Chardonnay 2015

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Primaterra Chardonnay offers a clean, pure expression of the varietal, with enticing aromas of apples and pears on the nose. A hint of residual sugar enhances its well-balanced, medium-sized body, leading to a very clean and pleasant finish. Matured without oak, this Chardonnay showcases a crisp and refreshing profile, bursting with bushels of ripe apple and pear flavors. Ideal for warmer weather, it's a delightful choice for any occasion.

Pair this stunning Chardonnay with grilled chicken Caesar salad. The wine's clean, pure character and refreshing acidity complement the crisp lettuce and creamy dressing, while its ripe apple and pear notes enhance the dish's flavors. The hint of residual sugar balances the richness of the salad, creating a harmonious and satisfying pairing that's perfect for a light and refreshing meal.


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