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Primi Soli Chardonnay

Primi Soli Chardonnay

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Since Chardonnay is an extremely versatile grape, many country’s have a signature style that is associated with it. As an example, California Chardonnay has the reputation of being oaky and buttery. If you want a great example of classic Italian Chardonnay, look no further than this delicious wine.

Definitely leaning towards the crisp spectrum, this Chardonnay doesn’t feature the oak and butter of California and is instead focusing on the natural flavors of the grape. Showcasing an elegant balance and beautiful acidity, the lemony citrus notes really shine, making this wine a thirst-quenching and refreshing Chardonnay.

Since it is a stunning example of Italian Chardonnay’s signature style, it can pair with some classic Italian dishes, especially on the lighter side, like a delightful Caprese salad with bold balsamic vinegar or fresh pasta, dressed simply with olive oil and high-quality parmesan cheese.

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