• Radford Dale Frankenstein Pinotage 2017


Radford Dale Frankenstein Pinotage 2017

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Dr. Abraham Perold was the South African viticulturist and scientist who in 1925 at  Stellenbosch University, germinated the Pinotage varietal by intermingling two species of grapes which,  arguably, should never have been given life together : Pinot Noir & Cinsault. A century earlier, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, from Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, created an equally strange creature,  also by stitching together different body parts from mismatched ‘donors’. The Radford Dale  Frankenstein Pinotage is our nod to the work carried-out in his laboratory by South Africa’s first professor of viticulture, Abraham Perold, and a wink to the creature he created.