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Radford Dale Gravity 2011

Radford Dale Gravity 2011

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Radford Dale wines are “uncommonly natural”, as their Head of Viticulture and Winemaking likes to say. Radford Dale prides itself on their approach of minimal intervention winemaking, meaning they do everything in their power to make sure the vineyard is part of the local ecosystem (this means minimal pesticides- they prefer boosting beneficial microorganisms instead; nicely deterring local wildlife from sampling the grapes by using nature-friendly methods like spreading dog hair a local groomer to keep birds and bucks away; and composting to remove the need for conventional fertilizer). They also use extreme care when handling their precious grapes. By harvesting by hand at sunrise, using the minimal sulphites by capping with screwcaps and keeping the skins intact during maturation, Radford Dale ensures the highest quality wines with the least amount of human intervention. 

Radford Dale “Gravity” is a premium, complex and seamless red blend of Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot. After fermentation the wine is left on skins for about ten days, which gives it more time to complete its leisurely extraction.  These are not mechanical pressings but natural, gravitational pressings, which give rise not only to the name of this wine but to far more integrated and supple tannins in the final wine. 

Each varietal of the blend contributes its unique characteristics: the Syrah provides its persevering spiciness and its gutsy, supple body; the Cabernet offers its blueberry backbone and dense, ripe tannins; the Merlot brings deep red-berry fruit and suave mouth-feel.

We highly recommend enjoying this wine after decanting and with a hearty meal. 

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