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Sayanca Red Blend 2020

Sayanca Red Blend 2020

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Sayanca Red Blend is a harmonious fusion of Argentina's finest, marrying the robust flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon and the rich character of Malbec. A deep crimson hue tinged with purple beckons the eye, while the nose is greeted with an alluring aroma of spices intermingled with hints of black olives. The palate revels in the symphony of red and black berries, enhanced by a subtle smokiness derived from three months of aging in American oak barrels, imparting depth and complexity. Soft tannins caress the palate, leading to a lingering, satisfying finish.

This elegant blend is a perfect complement to hearty fare, such as succulent steaks, savory pizzas, or the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, elevating each dish with its refined presence.


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