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Sishaye Cabernet

Sishaye Cabernet

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South Africa's Cabernet Sauvignon marries the best of the Old and New Worlds, flourishing in its role as the country's most widely planted red varietal. Benefiting from mountainous terrain, well-drained soils, elevated vineyards, and oceanic influences, South Africa provides the perfect environment for Cabernet's growth. Sishaye masterfully blends New World fruit with Old World structure, resulting in a Cabernet that strikes a harmonious balance between fruity richness and elegant restraint. With a bouquet redolent of cherry and cranberry, accompanied by subtle plum notes and a delicately spiced, lightly oaked finish, each sip is a testament to the artistry of winemaking.

Best enjoyed alongside hearty dishes such as braised veal or beef, this wine enhances the dining experience, elevating flavors and creating unforgettable culinary moments.


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