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Sogno Italiano Rosato - PET*

Sogno Italiano Rosato - PET*

Sogno Italiano Rosato - PET embodies the essence of Italy's winemaking heritage, translating the country's allure into a delightful rosé. With "Sogno" meaning "dream" in Italian, this wine evokes the romanticism and passion associated with Italy's wine culture. Crafted with care and precision, it offers a sensory journey that captivates the palate. Delicate aromas of ripe strawberries and citrus fruits greet the senses, accompanied by subtle floral notes that dance gracefully. On the palate, vibrant flavors of red berries and watermelon unfold, enhanced by a refreshing acidity that provides balance and liveliness.

The wine's light body and crisp finish make it an ideal companion for leisurely gatherings and sunny afternoons. Pair Sogno Italiano Rosato with a variety of dishes, including grilled seafood, summer salads, or creamy pasta dishes, to elevate your dining experience with a touch of Italian charm.


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