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Tapaculo Merlot

Tapaculo Merlot

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A Tapaculo is a native Chilean bird, found on the label of these stunning wines. These little birds can be found throughout Chile and much of South America. Unbelievably, each region has distinct characteristics of its Tapaculo birds. The songs are different from area to area, the colors and size change and other noticeable changes. A seasoned bird lover could look at a Tapaculo bird and tell you a lot about the region it came from.

The reason this is a great parallel to wine is that it is the belief of these Chilean winemakers that a great wine should tell the story of the area in which it was made. Each area has different types of climates and soils or can be found at a different elevation. Much like the birds, a true wino could taste these estate bottled wines and tell you a lot about where it came from. That statement would bring a big grin to the winemakers behind the Tapaculo label.

This Merlot is a brilliant showcase of its estate background. To us, one of Merlot’s finest qualities is that it makes a truly versatile and excellent food wine. It can pair with a lot of food, from the leftover pizza you have from last night or a delicious filet mignon off the grill. Merlot can do it all. This one is a great example, with a medium body, round fruit flavors and silky tannins. This Merlot is magnificent.

ABV: 13%
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